horsesWelcome to Pure in Essence – Astrology and Vibrational medicine in Brentwood, Billericay, Grays, Loughton and Woodford in Essex. Siobhan Purcell, a Holistic Therapist offers Homeopathy/Vibrational medicine, Healing, Ayurvedic Head Massage and Astrology. Siobhan offers personal consultations as well as online consultations to people in any part of the country and abroad, via Skype and telephone. See further information below about Skype.

Vibrational Medicine

Treatment mostly consists of homeopathic medicine and essences, produced from highly diluted natural substances that are ‘potentised’ to raise their healing properties. They support the mind, physical body and spirit without causing side effects or dependency. This makes them perfectly safe for babies, children of all ages and pregnant women.

The consultation is a unique experience. It is an integral part of the healing process and provides a safe and confidential place for the patient to talk about his or her health concerns. Siobhan takes time to understand the symptoms in great detail, to investigate their cause(s) and to gain a clear understanding of the patient’s disharmony and how the illness is affecting him or her as a whole. Every prescription is “tailor-made” to the patient.

Using Skype

The main advantage of Skype is that the consultation can take place in the comfort of your home from anywhere in the world. Skype uses the Internet to make free calls. Simply download the application to your computer and send a contact request to Siobhan at siobhan.purcell1 once you have arranged your consultation.

Other Services

As mentioned above Siobhan is also an Astrologer using traditional and esoteric knowledge. Sign up to her newsletter to receive details of upcoming courses and see other services


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