astrologyI have always been intrigued by the planets involvement in life on planet earth and the effects that astrological activity has each of us individually. I was offered a unique opportunity to train with an incredible teacher who has shown me how to work using this ancient system.

One of the greatest advantages of astrology is that it can provide information about your soul’s journey, the type of challenges you may face in this lifetime for your personal growth, your talents, gifts and possible life direction. Many people are so frequently unaware of their true abilities and past life influences although they may have felt them on some level. With more insight, you can move forwards, better equipped and accepting of the gifts and personality traits you have.

Do you know your true potential?

“Astrology is like a key that turns the lock activating changes within your psyche and heart”.

Here are two examples of charts that can assist you on your path:

The Natal Chart – A Complete Life Path Overview

This is a reflection of the planets at the time of your birth. It provides information about every aspect of your life such as relationships, health, spirituality/religion, career, resources, family life and friendships and the ways in which they are influenced by the planets. The chart reading gives indications of forthcoming experiences and the most active aspects of your life. It brings a greater understanding of self, awareness of your potential challenges and how they can be overcome or prepared for. The reading can help you understand why you are artistic or attracted to foreign lands, or like to be alone…. Why marriage or relationships are troublesome, why friends disappoint you or why you are susceptible to certain health issues. Whatever struggles you face through life, a Natal Chart reading will give clear guidance and understanding to assist you.

“I reached another chapter in my life at 65. I was given the opportunity to have my astrological chart done. The results were amazing. It was my life story with a description of my character as well. It was confirmation of what I have and need to do.” Phil, London.

The Solar Return Chart – A Year at a time

The solar return chart looks at the year ahead, the energies are coming towards you, what is on your personal horizon during this period and the potential areas of personal growth.

“Wow this is amazing! So much of this has already happened or is in the process of happening. Really interesting and great to know what is coming and what to look out for! Thank you so much”. Debbie, France.