Homeopathy and Children

“It is safe, causes no side effects and children love the taste of the remedies.”

If you are looking to find a safe and gentle system of medicine for your child or baby, then homeopathy is likely to meet your requirements.

Homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy does not suppress or disturb the immune system. It supports its development and innate ability to heal the body as well as working to prevent the recurrence of illness to make the child stronger.

Many parents seek this form of treatment because conventional medicine has not cured their child’s ailments. Parents often say” “I don’t know what else to do so, I’ll give this a try”. Once they start treatment, they are often pleasantly surprised with the results.

Physical imbalances

Some of the common conditions for which parents seek help are recurring ear, nose and throat infections, eczema and skin rashes.

Other physical conditions include croup, colic and teething in babies; asthma, allergies, bed-wetting, sleep disorders, warts, molluscum, verrucas, constipation and diarrhea.

Mental and emotional imbalances

Children, like adults can feel strong emotions and become unbalanced. Over the years, Siobhan has observed how no two children within the same family are exactly the same in terms of the physical and emotional symptoms they develop. Each has his or her individual susceptibility to illness.

On a mental and emotional level, some children are for example able to cope well at school and remain perfectly in balance. Other children do not find it so easy. Some of the common symptoms for which parents seek homeopathic support include lack of concentration, boredom, restlessness, shyness, temper tantrums, anxiety, panic attacks, night terrors and being bullied.

Children can also be sensitive to changes within the family dynamics leading to emotional and physical illness.

Homeopathic medicine and essences can be taken to support children to cope more effectively.

The consultation

The consultation for children is not unlike that for adults other than that Siobhan asks questions of the parent(s) and the child if he or she is at a speaking age. Her observations are important to gain insight into the child’s personality and to understand how his or her life is being restricted by the illness. Questions are also asked about his/her physical health, including food likes and dislikes, sleeping patterns and history of illness to date. Details of the mother’s pregnancy and the child’s birth are also required.

As with all homeopathic consultations, the cause(s) of the illness is/are explored and considered in the choice of prescription.

Conscious that homeopathy is new for many people, Siobhan provides much support to parents of children having homeopathic treatment by telephone in between appointments. To those who are willing and interested in learning more, she also teaches them how to prescribe first aid remedies during acute situations.