Would you choose homeopathy for your children?

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I have lost count of the number of children I have treated over the years for physical, emotional and developmental complaints. They range from newborn babies through every stage of maturity to adulthood. Common physical complaints are recurring coughs, colds, ear infections, tonsillitis, digestive complaints, headaches, allergic reactions, bronchitis and other chronic chest complaints.

Mothers often call me at the end of their tether because after countless courses of antibiotics the child’s symptoms remain and they say: “I’ll try anything.” My days of being offended by their words have long since passed because I acknowledge that even now people don’t understand homeopathy fully and really trust its effectiveness until they see the results that is!

In my experience a few doses of the child’s constitutional remedy is sufficient to clear the symptoms permanently. At other times, the side effects of medication including vaccination has to be cleared from the body before constitutional treatment.

Homeopathy is safe and effective and I cannot stress this enough. Why on earth would you put toxins into your child’s body if you had a safer choice? Well that choice exists. Homeopathy is the preferred course of treatment for millions of families all over the world.

It can be used for developmental delays such as speaking, walking, ‘toilet-training’ and learning to read, write and study. The child’s personality and complete symptom picture is considered in all prescriptions to determine the correct remedy ‘that fits all symptoms and body type’ to stimulate the body and mind to shift.

As a shy child I didn’t speak for the first year at school between the ages of four and five years. Educated by nuns it is no wonder really. They decided that I had deep psychological problems yet I was simply sensitive and afraid of them as I observed their bullying behaviour towards children in my classroom. A high dose of Silica at that time and perhaps some Phosphorous to follow would have helped me overcome my general timidity and fear to engage with the ferocious women in penguin suits.

Joking aside. My point is that children suffer as we do. They can be sensitive to their surroundings, to the relationship between their parents or with single mum struggling to make ends meet. School children frequently experience anxiety and stress while managing the demands of study, homework and examinations and some attract bullies. Children given diagnoses such as ADD and ADHD and autism can also be supported homeopathically.

Homeopathy cannot solve life circumstances, but my clinical observations have shown it certainly helps the child cope more easily, helping to balance anxiety, fear, lack of confidence and other strong emotions. The remedy can feel like a gentle hug that allows the child to bloom once more and the results can be very quick indeed.

Your child does not have to be unwell to benefit from treatment. The right remedy supports him/her physical and emotional development and parents also choose it to strengthen immunity and help prevent future illness. I believe children that receive homeopathy are given a great gift and they seem far more resilient than those treated continuously with conventional drugs.

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