Healing Essences

“This essence is great! It gives an instant connection to the higher self and is so pure. I think it would be great for healers to take or for meditation purposes”. Clare, Italy.

The range of essences now available to the general public has grown tremendously in recent years. The first modern range and most well-known, the Bach Flower Essences, was created in the 1930s by Dr.Edward Bach, a doctor who worked at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and later produced the essences while seeking a purer form of healing in nature. However, like homeopathy, essences, particularly flower essences have a very long history.

Siobhan uses a variety of essences in her practice choosing to prescribe them alone or with homeopathic medicines. Both are classified as vibrational or energy medicine and for this reason work nicely together. Essences, like homeopathy, work on the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies to support the healing process. They contain a small amount of alcohol (or vinegar), water and the healing vibration of the flower, mineral or other substance used to produce. They can be taken under the tongue, added to water or used topically.

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Ian White’s Australian Bush essences, created from the magical flora of the Australian bush are frequently used to treat Europeans and people all over the world, although the energy of Australia is vastly different particularly to that of the U.K. Siobhan prescribes these essences only if the patient’s vibration is compatible with them. This range includes fourteen combination essences alone and provides support for a vast number of physical and emotional symptoms.

Indigo Essences

The Indigo Essences, created by Ann Callaghan from the energy of rocks, are especially powerful in helping children with the challenges they face. Children, being naturally intuitive are frequently involved in choosing their personal essence. These essences can be taken topically and even added to juice.

Siobhan’s Essences

Siobhan has developed bespoke essences for patients that are available on request.

Personal Astrology Essences
Based on your date, time and place of birth are created individually to support your journey and evolution in this lifetime by awakening and strengthening your inner connection whilst also giving emotional support. General feedback so far, indicates that the essence invokes greater spiritual awareness and sense of self.