Homeopathy to soothe heartbreak

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riverMost people experience some form of heartbreak in their lifetime. It can happen when a loved one dies suddenly or unexpectedly or chooses to leave their leave their life. It is equally common after abandonment or betrayal. Each of us reacts to situations and experiences differently, due to our individual personalities, coping strategies, belief systems, life experience and inner strength.

So, how does heartbreak feel? Some people experience physical pain of varying intensity in the centre of the chest and/or the heart region, physical weakness and insomnia or a strong desire to sleep all the time. The pain can be unbearable and may be accompanied by deep sadness, episodes of tearfulness, anxiety, helplessness and even suicidal thoughts. The symptoms are always unique to the individual.

In my personal and clinical experience, homeopathy can be transformative during an emotional crisis. Remedies support the patient as strong emotions arise and in doing so help to keep the person’s heart centre open so that he or she begins to truly heal. If the emotions are locked or suppressed, depression, resentment, bitterness and ultimately physical illness can develop because the emotions have had no outlet. In addition, the person will be to some degree stuck in the past, rather than going through a period of transformation that can lead to a place of greater choice and freedom.Which would you choose?

There are many homeopathic grief remedies that can be prescribed during such times, depending on the individual’s symptoms presented.

The consultation process is an integral part of the healing process by providing a safe place for the patient to express and explore his or her feelings to a practitioner who is empathetic and non-judgmental.