Making yourself a priority

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Making yourself a priorityNow is a perfect time to not only focus on your health and perhaps consider a detoxification after eating those delicious Christmas goodies, but also to consider how you would like to spend the coming year. What is moving within you? What would you like to change in your life? What would you like to achieve this year?

Perhaps you would like to travel to special place, attend a spiritual retreat, look up old friends, start a course, write a book, learn to dance, exercise more or simply devote more time to yourself, your children and loved ones? Only you know what is within your heart.

How strong are your boundaries?

What is apparent to me is how few of us consistently nurture ourselves, consider our personal needs beyond the material world, take time to stop, retreat from the world and treat ourselves with the same love and respect we so easily give to others.

Some of the ways in which I personally do this are by meditating, practising yoga and simply having quiet time alone in nature, spending time with special people, laughing a lot and having regular homeopathic treatment. Of course, there are times when all of this falls to the wayside! I’m certainly not perfect and it is a continual ‘work in progress’.

How do you nurture yourself? Naturally there are many ways to self-nurture and you have to find what lifts your spirit. May I remind you that an unhappy spirit ultimately leads to physical, mental and emotional dis-ease? So, this is important to consider.

Is it time to say “No” to people that unconsciously or sometimes consciously steal your energy? How often do you give away your power?

‘No’, can be said with love and gentleness and sets an example to others that at times you consider your needs before theirs rather than becoming unbalanced. It is a matter of being aware of the people around you and those you attract. Only this week, I lay down on my yoga mat, closed my eyes for a few minutes before class. A woman came and almost sat on top of me. She took my arm and asked me a question. She knew I was relaxing yet felt she had the right to interrupt my silence. I told her I needed time to relax and would speak to her afterwards.

The start of 2016 could be the ideal time to review the way in which you live your life. Take some time to consider what feeds your spirit. Perhaps try putting yourself first once in a while. Once you do that, you open yourself to new avenues and possibilities.

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