Mercury retrograde – Is it all bad?

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The planet Mercury has been retrograde since the end of last month and does not go direct until 22nd April 2016.

The energy of this planet relates to the mind, the ego, intellect and communication. It is also known as the ‘Messenger of the Gods’.

Many astrologers write about it being a time to expect delays and interruptions in communication. So those emails you send out may not actually arrive at their destination or, the recipient doesn’t see the message in their inbox. Also warnings are given not to sign contracts such as buying a home or to add your signature to important papers because there is a risk of making poor judgments and not seeing clearly. Only last week I was on the point of putting my signature to a project when my intuition stopped me from proceeding.

You may experience confusion, your mind becomes overwhelmed with thoughts, the ego takes you out of the present moment, out of your heart and you lose clarity. You may also observe confusion in others and people not communicating clearly. Computers can also be troublesome.

However, it does not have to be quite so negative. Yes certainly have the awareness of Mercury’s influence, but if you have strong intuition and inner guidance, the position of Mercury need not prevent you from making important decisions or stop you in your tracks.

Mercury retrograde is a time to reflect and meditate, to really slow down. Consider the way you approach things. Are your thoughts and beliefs really yours? Look at the areas of your life that could be improved and how you communicate. It’s a time of potential, to receive insights and to create new directions. Although there’s just over a week to go, open yourself up to new possibilities.

An introductory course to Astrology is coming soon. I’ll keep you updated.

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