Which path do you choose for your health?

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Have you ever looked at people in the supermarket while waiting in the queue to reach the checkout? I’m sure you have. How many people look well? I don’t mean, they are nicely tanned, have perfect white teeth and nice skin, but their eyes shine brightly and they seem alive and happy?

In my experience, very few adults stand out these days. The vast majority of people are over-weight, jaded and their vital energy is weak and many seem unhappy.

We know that medicine has advanced greatly in the last few decades. Operations bordering on the miraculous are performed frequently and lives are saved regularly in hospital. One of my friends had a heart attack on his birthday and the medical attention he received was outstanding. The following morning, he was awake and smiling once more. However, he was discharged some time later having been prescribed a cocktail of drugs, some of which he was told were needed until the end of his life.

People are living longer, but how many people over the age of 65 are not taking some form of allopathic medicine? My parents are now mid-70s in great health yet they are exceptional amongst their friends, the majority of whom are at least taking high blood pressure tablets and Statins to reduce cholesterol.

Why are so many people in the U.K. taking heart medication? I have my theories on it but will leave that for another day.

So, people, may be living longer, but what quality of life do they have, being propped up by pills and taking even more pills to reduce the side effects of drugs? Unfortunately, they reach the point of not realising how drug-dependent they have become and how it is to feel really well and in control of their lives.

My big question is why are people so unwilling to take responsibility for their own health and think the doctors know best?

Coming to homeopathy, a vastly different system of medicine.

Most people that walk through my door are really seeking support for other reasons other than their presenting complaint. Some come seeking answers, but as with all of us, the answers lie within. Many are tired of conventional medicine because it only treats one part of their disease. And does it cure or does it simply suppress psychological and physical ailments to make life more bearable?

Beneath most physical illness, there lies emotional cause and during the consultation, details come to light or the information comes once the person has taken his/her first course of remedies and the vital energy (also known as chi and prana) becomes freer. I am sure you can easily imagine how it feels to hold onto grief, sorrow or anger for any period of time. It creates stagnancy and a heavy heart. Homeopathy can release the energy to begin the healing process without any risk of side effects although a few tears may be shed.

Homeopathy works with the vital energy of each individual, treating the mind, the body and the spirit. If the spirit is unbalanced for example, the person is following the wrong path or is stuck from an external cause such as financial loss, grief or shock, emotional and physical illness ensue if not addressed.

My job is to understand the person before me and to find the best course of homeopathic treatment. The prescription may also include meditation, relaxation, exercise and other self-help techniques. You are responsible for your health and life path and my role is to support, teach and empower you to lead a healthy and happy life. Treatment can last a few months or you may choose to come regularly for a while once you return to balance, the choice is yours.

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