People, connections and individuality

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People, connections and individualityPeople have always fascinated me. Before even beginning my training, I loved to observe people on the underground or on the street from a café and wonder what stories lay behind their eyes.

We’re all connected. People all over the world go through life facing similar challenges, experiencing both pain and joy. Certainly, some people seem to have a greater share of hardship than others but a common thread connects us all.

On my travels in South America, a bus driver dropped me off on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere. Within five minutes I met a woman who had just lost her ten year old and only son, killed in a quad bike accident. She felt alone with her grief and couldn’t face going home because his absence was overwhelming for her. She felt unsupported by her husband, maybe because he wasn’t able to come to terms with what had happened. The reason wasn’t clear. She chose to spend the afternoon with me, a complete stranger. I listened as she outpoured her grief. In return, she showed me the way to the bus station to continue my journey after she insisted on us having our photograph taken together. That afternoon has always stayed with me. I told her very little about myself, but at that time I was also grieving of another kind and I know that the universe brought us together.

Although similarities exist in our lives,our individuality makes each person special in his or her own way. From the food we eat, our passions, irritations, anxieties, relationships, dreams, aspirations, physical illness, stamina, occupation, coping mechanisms in a crisis, patterns of behaviour, and gifts; each person has a unique spirit. Part of my role as a facilitator is to identify the uniqueness within each person who walks through my door.

In order to do this, Iobserve, empathise, listen, really hear and know them and offer support in whatever way is appropriate, to increase their awareness and guide them to making positive changes in their lives. What could be better than that? Nothing. I feel blessed to do this work and to meet the people who come to me for support on their journey to health and beyond. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing a person get better, the light return to their eyes, their inner strength visible once more and to see him or her begin to lead a healthier life. And that is the result I strive for with each and every person, adult or child.