I had painful tonsillitis, the back of my throat covered in white spots and a 40 degree temperature. As soon as I started taking the homeopathic remedies Siobhan gave me I improved dramatically and within 3 days the spots had gone and the swelling was almost completely gone.


“I was recommended to Siobhan by a friend as I had been having terrible nightmares two or three times a week for about six months. I was frightened to go to sleep.
On meeting Siobhan she immediately put me at ease. Her room where she worked was so peaceful and the session lasted about an hour.

I slept soundly that night and thanks to her my nightmares have completely disappeared. I can’t thank her enough for her help.” (Healing was 31st January 2017. Testimonial written September 2017)

Ann - Woodford

For a significant birthday I asked Siobhan for a reading. It was a way of reflecting on who I am, recognising the influences on my life and considering my life’s purpose. I had a number of questions which Siobhan happily answered. I found the reading I had very affirming and I was fascinated to recognise myself.

As I found my natal chart so fascinating and I had used it as a basis to look at my skills and resources I decided to have my solar return. Yet again it made sense to have it on my birthday. With this reading looking at the year ahead it made me feel that I could look for and recognise opportunities presented to me in the areas which came up in the reading.

The great thing about having a reading is I can go back to it and look at it again. It feels very empowering and keeps me focused on my development in a world where it is so easy to get distracted.

I have really connected with looking at the influences on my life and found it something to work with. Siobhan is a great person to help you with your life and soul’s journey. treat yourself you won’t regret it.

Thanks Siobhan

Chris – Astrology

I don’t know how I would have managed over these years without Siobhan’s support. As a nurse who has practiced allopathic medicine for years, I believe it has its limitations and homeopathy has been my preferred route to deal with challenging emotional and physical problems effectively.
I really believe homeopathy gives patients a choice and the opportunity to be truly involved in personal health. I have never experienced any adverse reactions to homeopathic remedies.

Sylvina - Billericay, Essex.

I have been seeing Siobhan for quite a few months as I was suffering with respiratory problems, bad colds and coughs and also stress and not sleeping too well at night. Since my consultations, I have been sleeping better, waking up feeling refreshed and less stressed. My breathing problems are greatly improved and I have been able to reduce my medication. I would advise anyone with health problems who is considering using homeopathy to give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. My thanks to Siobhan for all her help and care.

Dave - Grays, Essex.

Siobhan Purcell is an angel and has helped me a lot. I was at my wits end with nasal and respiratory problems and it is now greatly improved. I am very grateful. I also now tell all my friends and family to go down the Homeopathy route and give it a try.

Linda - Grays, Essex .

The consultant and physiotherapist are amazed at my hip recovery regarding pain and movement. They haven’t seen anyone recover as quickly before.

Sarah - Essex.

Homeopathy will always be my preferred treatment option and Siobhan my preferred homeopath.
I am Austrian by birth and most GP’s in Austria are also homeopaths. Not only have I benefitted greatly from homeopathic treatments for over 50 years, I can truly say it has saved my life, having been born with a congenital kidney defect.

Over the years and, with that much exposure to homeopathy, I have gathered a fairly good understanding of how to evaluate not only the homeopathic treatment I receive but also the quality of the homeopath administering it. Not always an easy task, I fear. That is, until you meet Siobhan.

Where to begin to sing her praises? 
Siobhan is one of the most knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate practitioners of her profession.

I have known Siobhan for over 10 years and have received regular treatment from her for any number of ailments, from simple but unpleasant viral infections through to complex illnesses, which usually require large doses of antibiotics and/or various other allopathic medicines. Other treatments received by her also include an episode in my life when, following an attack by a stranger, I needed help to overcome the resulting PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Indeed, over the years I have referred several of my own patients to her and always found that her homeopathic intervention and passionate approach has helped not only my patients, but also made my work easier helping them to overcome their psychological damage, as Siobhan laid the foundation by repairing their nervous system, amongst many other symptoms.

To anyone reading this, I would implore you to seek her help and advice, as most likely you are looking to find the best homeopath possible. I have found none better than Siobhan.


When I took this remedy I could feel an immediate effect. It took a while to process what it was doing and then I realised what it was. I felt a purity, and a word that I wouldn’t normally use about myself, but the essence certainly made me feel this way. It was ‘beautiful’. I know I have a strong ability to love but the remedy expanded these feelings and I could feel the capacity to love growing bigger and bigger. I placed the remedy bottle on my chart each day and I know that its taken back to the feelings I would have had as a baby, innocent, pure love and fun.

Nicola - Essex.

During an acute illness, this patient gave Siobhan three words to describe her emotions:
“Scared, panicked and exhausted”
One day after taking Pulsatilla 1m, the patient described her feelings as:
“Happy, excited, buzzing.”

Suzanne - Essex.

I first came to Siobhan back in 2007 because I was suffering from chronic sinusitis. Fed up with doctors just prescribing one antibiotic after another, I was ready to explore a more holistic approach. I had no idea back then, that I was to embark on a journey that would take me far beyond physical symptoms such as sinusitis.

It’s been 6 years since then. I haven’t suffered from sinusitis ever again or any other physical problems for that matter but I have started a journey of self-discovery and self-development that has been moved along as well as greatly assisted by homeopathy and Siobhan.

Nowadays, I mainly use homeopathy to help me work through my emotions, negative thought patterns and self-limiting beliefs. Siobhan has been, and still is, a great companion to me on this journey and the remedies she prescribes are always just what I need to peel back another layer and give me the strength to face and work through what I find underneath that layer.

Homeopathy treats the causes, not the symptoms of disease and the majority of causes come from the inside. If you are willing to look inside and work at removing these causes, Siobhan is the perfect person to assist you on that journey.

Dani - Hampshire.

I began working with Siobhan on a homeopathic level when she was recommended to me by a professional colleague. Traditional western medicine was treating my diagnosed condition and, in essence, making me much better, but it was also leaving me with some difficult and unpleasant side effects to cope with. Siobhan was excellent in understanding the choice I made in continuing with the western medicine, but worked tirelessly to combat the hormonal challenges and depression that descended upon me on a regular basis. Without her, I do not believe I would be as well as I am today. During our journey, she also introduced me to the spiritual side of her healing. Having been one of her biggest skeptics, I can honestly say, I am now one of her biggest fans. I attending her spiritual meditation workshop, which I found to be uplifting and eye opening. Siobhan is an extremely talented healer, both homeopathically and spiritually, and if you are willing, and open minded, Siobhan can really have a massive positive impact on your health and wellbeing.

Claire - Essex.

Siobhan is a first class homeopath. She has an amazing ability to listen and attune to your needs. Her knowledge and understanding of he work is inspirational and I have every faith in her abilities to assist me in my times of need. She is kind and generous and offers compassion and empathy without making you feel uncomfortable in any way. She thinks outside the box and offers solutions that reach the core of the situation rather than fix the symptom. I love her approach and the way she follows up with clients. I believe there is nothing on this earth that Siobhan can’t assist with and will always endeavor to find the right remedy and/or solution. I would highly recommend her and know that he can assist you to change your life; she has certainly made a difference to mine.

Nicola - Essex.

I recently reached another chapter in my life when I was 65. I was given the opportunity to have my astrological chart done. The results were amazing. It’s like my life story with a description of my character as well. It’s confirmation of what I have already and need to do.

Phil – Astrology